Reinier de Graaf

About hospitality

In a hospital they know it… If you don’t welcome the patient from moment one, you are ten steps behind. But this experience of hospitality is always subjective. How can we, as a company with thousands of employees, show that we are hospitable together ? For Reinier de Graaf in Delft this was the challenge. “Show our hospitality”. And yes, in management therms that is easy. Just write a text about it, paste a good picture along and everybody is happy.

But this was a different challenge. Because we were asked to share this pride with their employees. And here good old marketing does not work. Only a true, authentic story drives motivation. So that is what we set out to create.
What we found was an incredibly motivated team. Walking through the corridors we found helpfulness and friendliness. Our challenge was to try to catch that on camera.

The campaign has done its job. Within a month the counter surpassed 10,000 viewers. Everyone within Reinier de Graaf has seen the film. And the feedback clearly expressed a sense of “pride” on their own, complex organisation.
Director: Mark Routs
Camera: Bram Rusman
Agency: T36