Open University - The Next Step

Youtube Commercials

Open Universiteit is the online academic educator in the Netherlands. No wonder they have an extensive online campaign strategy. For the 2016 campaign we produced a series of commercials for STER online (National TV), Facebook and youtube.

The Dutch commercial ground is littered with commercials where you feel that some director wrote the ideal quote behind his desk, which was then translated to a semi-authentic film. We chose to go all-the-way and try to find real stories, with real students.
Since the distribution was mainly online as pre-roll advertisement we decided to start with fast edit and disruptive images to confuse the viewer. At the same time they draw attention, which is necessary when your audience mostly skips your commercial after 4 seconds.

Director: Mark Routs
Camera: Bram Rusman
Sounddesign: House of Halo
Music: Envotion
Agency: T36