Immersive group activation

The media mine impact

Communication, films, campaigns.

Nowadays the Internet is the main stage where you get 2 minutes (or less) to ‘touch’ people and inspire them. It’s our job to find creative ways to do just that. But we also know that sometimes  ‘a film’ might not be enough to prove your point. That you need ‘an experience’.

Virtual Reality has the biggest momentum in this area and it has our full attention. But it also has it’s limitations. It’s high maintenance and at the moment it is not easy to serve groups of people.

The MediaMine is the answer to that; an immersive experience for the masses.

New Narrative developed a modular video-installation, the MediaMine. Imagine a truck, a sea-container or an unused wardrobe; we can turn them all  into 4-wall cinemas. Image and sound surrounding you. A truly immersive experience. The MediaMine can be built in virtually any room, with any size and it can have a home base or travel the world.
And the nice part: even a child can run it!

The MediaMine can be leased for short term projects and activations, or you can buy it. There is always a solutution. Projection and sound-quality can vary from WOW! to Holy Sh#t!!!

Please do contact us with your idea’s.

Agency: T36 media
Animation: Bram Rusman, Luc Thijssen
Director: Mark Routs, Stijn Halfens
Concept, Production: Stijn Halfens
Steadycam Footage: Ron Ramaekers
Showcontrol and Led visuals: Jean-Paul van de Weert
Construction: Hal3