How to change your life?

social media campaign

Healthcare is changing rapidly in Holland. Where the Dutch were used to be guided extensively by professional care, more and more people are pointed towards personal initiative. These changes cause a lot of turbulence in Dutch social environments. Hence Zelf & Co was created as a campaign that advocates real stories about change. As an online (Facebook oriented) campaign we address potential target groups, that with the right intention, change is always possible.



Radar, Bureau Jeugdzorg, Envida, HOZL, Huis voor de Zorg, Koraal groep, Levantogroep, Limburgse zorgboeren, Meandergroep Zuid-Limburg, SGL, Stichting Alterius, Trajekt, Welzijnsgroep, Xonar, Gemeente Kerkrade.
Concept & production: New Narrative
Interviewers: Hanneke Som, Richard Dols, Mark Routs.
Editors: Ron Ramaekers, Bram Rusman, Mark Routs.
Camera: Bram Rusman
Web development: Ernst Janssen
Agency: t36