Enterprise Architecture

For Dummies

Enterprise Architecture. Was a relatively new business-phenomenon in large-scale organisations when we made this film. Driven by people who look at change, flexibility, structures and insights within organisations that operate worldwide. Because, how do these organisations cope with a continuous changing world where systems and processes change faster every day? Big questions, not easy to translate in a five minute video. We created this video based on interviews with Gerben Wierda, a lead architect at a financial institution.

After publishing the video on youtube, it became the most popular video in that domain.
We have customised the video for many other companies, including the bank of Scotland, Enterprise Architects and Osram.

Drawing and recording like this was still very fresh back in those days. Now, with new camera’s we can achieve much higher results.


Director: Mark Routs
Design: Jan Jaap Rietjens
Animation: Bram Rusman
Sounddesign: House of Halo
Agency: T36